Optical Testing Laboratory provides a number of testing services for the international optical community. We specialize in measurements of focal length and image quality in the visible spectrum

Focal length is measured on a nodal slide bench, using measuring and test equipment traceable to NIST. A calibrated resolution target is used as the test object, allowing the measurement of resolution and resolution efficiency. Testing can be done at any visible wavelength at finite or infinite conjugates.

We provide specialized services for the IntraOcular Lens industry, including measurements of IOL power, resolution, and MTF in an eye model, all as per ISO 11979-2. We provide certification services for calibration standard lenses as well.

Other lens parameters we measure are field of view, field curvature, astigmatism, optical deiviation and distortion. Other testing services include physical measurements of length, thickness, diamter, radius, and angles. We also provide adjustment and certification for collimators and dioptometers.