Optical Lens Measurement and Calibration

Our Services

Utilizing test equipment aligned with NIST standards, we measure focal length on a nodal slide bench. Our team will use a calibrated resolution target as a test object to measure resolution efficiency.

We can do testing at any visible wavelength at finite or infinite conjugates.

Ocular Implants Assessment

As per ISO 11979-2, we offer specialized services for the intraocular lens industry. Our skilled team will work on measurements that include:

  • IOL Power
  • MTF in an Eye Model
  • Resolution

Quality Testing

Count on us to provide certification services for the calibration of standard lenses. We measure parameters related to the field of view, field curvature, astigmatism, optical deviation, and distortion.

Additionally, we have testing services for physical measurements for the following:

  • Diameter
  • Length
  • Thickness

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Optical Testing Laboratory offers testing services that match our clients’ business requirements. Get in touch and let us help you ensure quality in your optical equipment.